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  Updated: January 12, 2021 
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The HO layout consists of five operating divisions: three standard gauge Divisions (the Valley, Canyon and Mountain), a Trolley Division and a Narrow Gauge Division.


At A Glance

Name: Point Richmond & Truckee
Scale: HO (1:87)
Size: 115 x 50 feet space
Prototype: Western Pacific, Southern Pacific and Santa Fe
Locale: California
Period: Various, 1930's to present
Layout Height: 5 ft. to 11.5 ft
Benchwork: L-girder
Roadbed: spline
Track: MicroEngineering code 83
Turnouts: 8's for main line & 6's for industries
Minimum radius: 42" for main line
Scenery hardshell: hydrocal over cardboard weave or
resin over plastic window-screen netting
Backdrop: drywall
Main line length: 2000 feet
Yard trackage: 1500 feet
Main line control blocks: 97



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