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  Updated: June 04, 2020 
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The Valley Division models the Southern Pacific railroad's Cal-P trackage connecting the Bay area to Sacramento, the State Capital, and the gateway to the Central Valley and points east. Passenger traffic from the Oakland Mole and freight from the Yard pass Oakland's 16th St Station and then follow the Bay shoreline before moving inland to Davis. The final leg to Sacramento crosses the distinctive Yolo trestle. This is the route of today's Amtrak Capitol.

From Sacramento, tracks run to Elvas Wye, meeting up with trackage from our Canyon Division, and then on to our large hidden staging yard at Roseville, the divison point with the Mountain Division.

We also model a short section of the Sante Fe which diverges from the SP just east of 16th St and then passes through Pinole and Martinez, paralleling Hiway 4 through Franklin Canyon, and then rejoining SP trackage (for modeling convenience) just west of Davis.

Eastbound along Bay shoreline



Roseville Yards Sacramento/Branchlines Cal-P (Valley) Mainline Oakland Yards Oakland Mole

At A Glance

Locale: Oakland-Davis-Sacramento-Elvas
Prototype: Double track SP and single track Santa Fe
Size: 1.5-3.0 ft by 180 ft irregular
Style: Walk-around
Height: 60" to 71"
Max grade: 1%
Control cabs: 4 mainline radio, 4 yard tethered, 1 industry tethered
Yards: SP - 9 tracks x 20 ft
WP - 8 tracks x 15 ft
Pier - 8 tracks x 40 ft


Ferry Slip, Oakland Mole Oakland Wye and Turntable SP Eastbound Oakland Yard 16th St.Tower Oakland 16th St.Station Sante Fe at Adeline St. Model of our previous location at Halleck St, Oakland Wood St. Oakland 34th and Wood St. Oakland Pinole Station Ozol Refinery Carbon Products, Hiway 4 UP Eastbound at Martinez SP Eastbound at Suisun SP Eastbound at Suisun Westbound at Davis Davis Industrial Westbound at Yolo Causeway Yolo agriculture Sacramento Station Sacramento Station


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