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  Updated: June 04, 2020 
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Follow the progress of our Winter 2008 project to add a station at Martinez.

This is the original site near the rear door. The two SP mainlines are on the left and the Mococo branchline on the right. The new station will go between the Mains and Mococo. Area needs to be leveled and widened and the tunnel portal for Mococo moved about 4" to the right.

Late January - scenery and branchline track and spline cut out. New platform between the mainline tracks installed.

Late January - Bill, our Construction Superintendant, has installed the new spline. Waiting for glue to dry before all clamps are removed.

Scenery Superintendant John inspects the next day's progress. A cardboard mockup of the station sits on the new scenery base. The new tunnel portal for the branchline is in position. Plastic strips are used to frame the platforms trackside and backfilled with joint compound to the main base.

February 10: Roadbed is in and trackwork almost done and ready for paint and weathering. Platform areas have been filled in and levelled and are ready for paint. Unpainted plywood area will be the parking lot.

March 3: Working on scenery. Lots of small details yet to go. Almost time to set the station.

March 30: Almost done - final scenery against right-most edge - and adding passengers.

March 30: Another view. Still have to paint that blue background fascia board.

March 30: Focussing on the station.

March 30: Closer view of the station.

April 10: All done.

April 10: Back of station.


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