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  Updated: January 12, 2021 
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previous next #1208 on trestle at EBMES Halleck St. 1948

#1208 on trestle at EBMES Halleck St. 1948

Prior to WW 2 there were 2 motor flat cars under construction for operation on the Halleck St. trolly layout line. One was Elmer Cummings Key System 1208. The other protype was Northern Electric 701 that ran between Chico and Halminton City. The smallest motors available for use in an O gauge model was the Pittman DC 60. The problem was fitting these motors in the model. Elmer Cummings came up with the idea of driving only one axel and modifing the other axel to clear the magnet in each truck. The motors for the 701 ended up in the 1208. Elmer,s 1208 runs well with his two flat cars in tow.

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