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  Updated: January 12, 2021 
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Jack Allen

Charles Althouse

Karl Baldwin

Vic Bimrose

Clark Blankinship

Walter Brown

Jack Collier

Reg Cushing

Roy Cushing

Bill Dewey

Kirk Dunwoody

Earl Fancher

Chuck Foster

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Cliff Grandt

Ray Hannah

Bob Hauff

Bill Havenor

Bob Houghton

Phil Johnson

J.L.(Chick) Melady

Doc Meyers

Al Morris

Harvey Morton

Jim Munson

Aldo Pavese

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Bill Quarry

Bob Roulette

E.L. (Doc) Scudder

Jack Shoff

Bob Smith

Millard Smith

Jim Sparks

Don Stewart

Bev Wilder

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Unknown 1

Unknown 2

Unknown 3

Unknown 4

Unknown 5

Unknown 6

Unknown 7

Unknown 8

Unknown 9

Unknown 10

Unknown 11

Unknown 12

Unknown 13

Unknown 14

Unknown 15

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