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  Updated: February 20, 2009 
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Membership in O Scale usually hovers around 10-12. The degree of member participation varies depending on an individual's time availability, but about half the membership takes part in weekly work sessions on Friday evenings that run from 7pm until around midnight. Some members, because of travel or other commitments, participate less frequently. Members also help operate the layout on Sundays (12-5p) during the April - December open house season. During the winter months we usually meet for a work session two Saturdays each month.

If you have an interest in any aspect of model railroading, and think you might like to work in "The King Of Scales," please feel free to contact the O Scale Trainmaster. We welcome those interested in any aspect of O Scale, but would especially like to have additional membership in both the 3' narrow gauge and trolley areas. Skills in electronics would also be welcome.

No particular skills are required for membership. Some of our members are good in electrical areas, some are good carpenters, while others just like trains. Drop in some Friday evening and take a look around, talk to other O Scalers, and see what a great model railroading opportunity this can be to run your trains on a layout that measures 132x30 and will be 5 levels high when finished!!


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