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  Updated: June 04, 2020 
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The Narrow Gauge Division includes two railroads: the California and Nevada Railroad and the Nevada County Railroad. The layout represents an updated and expanded version of that short East Bay railroad built before 1900 with the dream of crossing the Sierras to join the famous narrow gauge lines of the Colorado Rockies. This dream never materialized - the C&N operated from Emeryville to Orinda via El Sobrante Valley before closing down in 1903; but our route does run to Colfax with produce for the fruitsheds to deliver to Mainline fruit express traffic. Devil Mountain


The Trackplan

Because our trackage inter-twines with the HO Gauge Mountain Division, a graphical trackplan is not very helpful - but here is a description. The Main Yard at the base of Devil Mountain lies at the southwest corner of the building at the rear exit. The Mainline from the yard runs west parallel to the back wall for a short distance and then ducks under the HO standard gauge layout, emerging at Auburn. It then runs hidden to a helix, climbing about 3ft to emerge at Colfax, running east parallel to the Mountain Division Mainline. It then tunnels under the Mountain again, emerging on the highline at Devil Mountain high above the yard, loops around to Devil Mountain Limber at midlevel and finally returns via a second hidden helix to the yard.


At A Glance


Name: California & Nevada Railroad
Locale: East side of San Francisco Bay
Prototype: California & Nevada Railroad
Period: Transition era
Track: Code 70
Min. radius 24" on mainline
Control: 1 radio cab, 1 fixed cab

Name: Nevada County Narrow Gauge
Locale: Colfac to Nevada City
Prototype: Nevada County Narrow Gauge
Period: 1920's
Track: Code 70
Min. radius 24" on mainline
Control: 1 radio cab, 1 fixed cab


Main Yard MOW Yard Lumber Yard


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