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  Updated: June 04, 2020 
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The Mountain Division models trackage from a large hidden staging yard at Roseville to Truckee over Donner Summit. Many distinctive features along the route have been accurately modelled as the line rises to a height of some 12 physical feet above the public walkway, from Auburn through Colfax and on over the summit to the large hidden staging yard at Truckee. Notable features are Long Ravine bridge (surrounding area under construction), the Chinese Wall and several tunnels and snowsheds. A logging line is under construction that will automatically sequence a loaded and empty train of log cars up and down the line, powered by a 3-truck Shay.

Narrow Gauge trackage of the California and Nevada line can also be seen running through Auburn and then climbing up a hidden helix to the fruit sheds at Colfax and then back down to the narrow gauge yard.

Donner Summit, Tunnel 10

Trackplan and Schematics

Truckee Yard   Lower Level     Upper Level   RV to Cape Horn   Cape Horn to Truckee

At A Glance

Locale: Elvas-Roseville-Colfax-Truckee
Prototype: Double track SP
Size: 20 ft by 50 ft mountain setting
Style: Fixed cabs
Height: 71" to 136"
Max grade: 2.5%
Control cabs: 4 mainline fixed, 6 yard tethered
Yards: Roseville - 10 tracks x 30 ft
Hump - 10 tracks x 16 ft
Engine Yard and turntable - 13 tracks x 12 ft
Truckee - 10 tracks x 23 ft


Auburn UP Westbound Colfax Eastbound Amtrak at Colfax Narrow Gauge at Colfax fruit sheds Fulda Loop, Donner Pass Westbound Amtrak at Donner Summit


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