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  Updated: January 12, 2021 
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Tour the Layout

The front and center of the layout is filled by the Sacramento and Roseville yards stretching roughly 40 feet in total. The Sacramento yard is a five track receiving yard serving the main Roseville yard. It is across the main lines from a six track intermodal yard which also serves as holding area for passenger trains.

Roseville yard features eight tracks, all over eight feet in length to accomodate trains of 30 to 40 cars.



The front of the yard is dominated by a model of the Roseville Ice House and Icing Platform which serves a string of reefers ready to carry the produce of California to the rest of the USA.

The East end of Roseville yard has connections to the main line. Across the main, we are developing an engine facility complete with turntable, steam engine service facilities and diesel engine service facilities. The turntable is not quite operational as of yet, but the six engine tracks are well used. These tracks can hold eight engines a piece, with each engine on its own electrical block, allowing us the freedom to pull out as many or as few locomotives as the next train demands.

The turntable is a Diamond Scale model complete with a fully indexed digital control by New York Railway Supply allowing precise positioning of the rails.

The yard area is just the beginning... as we pull out of the East end of the yard, we head up the grade towards Truckee. It's a steep climb (3 percent) and a train crew is well-advised to use adequate power on the front end to pull a train of 40+ boxcars. We typically run with three to five powered units on the lead.

Once up on top, the train is dwarfed by the towering mountains of the Sierras.




.... (more to come)












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