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  Updated: January 12, 2021 
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Hosting a large group ? We offer specials for these events !

By prior arrangement before the day of the visit (e-mail info@gsmrm.org), we offer a 20% discount on visitor's individual admission rates for groups of 20 persons or larger. Groups can choose the discounted individual rates or, if they prefer, pay regular rates if using the family rate produces a better result for them. The family rate, being already discounted, does not qualify for a further 20% discount.

In offering a group discount, the agreed fee shall be paid in a single payment to the Museum on the day of the visit, in order to facilitate our entry of the sum into the cash register. Discounts are be based on a "best-guess" of the number of anticipated adults, seniors and children. There will be no refund of the discounted amount as that will be treated as a minimum payment


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