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  Updated: July 14, 2020 
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"Train Play" is the first-ever movie about the Golden State Model Railroad Museum, located in Point Richmond in the San Francisco Bay Area. The movie features close-up views of the three spectacular model train layouts at the Museum, along with breathtaking views of modeled historic railroad scenes, including Donner Pass, the Tehachapi Loop, the Oakland Mole, Oakland's historic 16th Street Depot, and many more. Most historic West Coast Railroads are presented, and steam locomotives of yesteryear; historic passenger trains to modern freight trains can all be seen in amazing detail.
Local filmmaker Mel Crow has created a documentary that is both entertaining and informative. His interviews of the dedicated model railroaders that work behind the scenes of the museum show their passion for the hobby and capture the enthusiasm that helps them build those stunning miniature worlds.
It's a must-see for everyone who enjoys trains, miniatures and models, from kids to grandparents alike!
To purchase your own DVD copy, please visit our online store!
Released 2005 -- Runtime: 50 minutes -- Language: English -- TV System: NTSC

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